Football Season on the Old Road - Florida State vs Texas Tech Sept 5, 1987

It is September 5th and looking back to where was I on THIS September 5th 36 years ago today… Tallahassee Florida at a FSU vs Texas Tech home opener football game! My first job out of college was working for my fraternity out of their central office near Chicago. The role of the Educational and Leadership Consultant was to provide guidance and direction to the local collegiate chapter, and to meet with university officials.

On the positive side, it was a role to give inspiration and motivation. On the flip side the role was to sniff out behavioral problems and potential trouble in any given group.

Educational & Leadership Consultant

The visit to Florida State was a little of both, and the rest of this story is directly from the journal I was keeping of my visits. On Saturday September 5, 2023, the chapter president, a motivated and focused kid named John Rivers provided an A+ tour for me around campus to find FSU T-Shirts, so that I’d fit right in the student section with all the fans. We went to have some beers at various bars around the FSU campus. The Florida-Miami game was playing, and all the Florida States folks were rooting to Miami!  The Gators are the big rivals here!

The Phirst

Burt Reynolds was at the game. He came out to “plant the spear” at the 50 yard line. I learned the “Seminole Chant” and the game was a great victory for the ‘Noles. It was raining on an off during the game, so we left a little early. After we went back to the house, all hell seemed to be breaking loose. A flight, streakers, cops, and a lot of drunken idiots. Maybe I should have stayed at the Holiday Inn!   TM 9/5/87

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